The Most Expensive Shoe Brands in the World

When buying a shoe for own use or gift for someone, how much you have to spend? If you answered something around R $100.00 or a little more and he thinks a high value, how about buying a shoe that costs billions of euros.

Because it is these figures that are some of the most expensive shoe brands in the world, which in most cases are only accessible to millionaires or to those people who are always willing to spend real fortunes to leave your feet more luxurious.

Learn what they are.

Harry Winston Ruby Slippers

Produced to celebrate the 50 years of the film “the wizard of Oz”, the most expensive shoe was inspired by the sneakers worn by actress Judy Garland in the feature. He has 4,600 rubies and 50 carats of diamonds. Price: $ $3 million (R $5,889,000).

Stuart Weitzman and LeVian Evening Shoes

Silver sandals are adorned with more than 200 carats of precious stones, many of which are found only in museums. It costs 1.5 million euros (R $3,937,650).

Stuart Weitzman’s Cinderella Slippers

Inspired by the story of Cinderella, this shoe contains no less than 565 diamonds, which contribute to the price of 1.5 million euros (R $3,937,650).

Stuart Weitzman Ruby Slippers

Created for the 2003 Academy Award ceremony, this shoe brings 642 rubies, totaling 123.33 carats, and Platinum. The estimated cost is EUR 1 million (R$ 2,622,100).

Manolo Blahnik

The mark, which takes its name from the famous Spanish designer, is one of the Favorites of many celebrities such as pop star Madonna. A boot brand costs 11,000 euros (£ $28,826) on average.

Louis Vuitton

The French fashion house, founded in the second half of the 19th century, is also among the most expensive shoe brands in the world. One of the best selling Boots brand get 3,500 euros (R $9,172).


Chanel is another French company that is part of this list. The price of a Chanel shoes for night time use leaves on average EUR 2,500 (R $6,551) according to Computerminus.


The company of the Italian designer, who put on major movie stars, creates shoes based on a lot of quality and tradition, with the goal of letting the feet always comfortable. The average price of the brand is of 1,900 euros (R $4,972).

Roger Vivier

One of the favorite brands of actress Catherine Deneuve, classically-styled shoes produced by Roger Vivier leave the average price of 1,700 euros (R $4,449).

Jimmy Choo

With average prices of 1,400 euros (R $3,663), the Jimmy Choo created shoes and used for socialites and celebrities, close the list of 10 most expensive shoe brands in the world.

* Actual prices are based on the share of the dollar and the euro on the day 15 February 2013.