The Most Expensive Shoes in the World!

Shoes is a subject that appeals to women for centuries all over the world and the most luxurious always have a space in the taste of all. Whenever celebrities wear that shoe all worked with crystals, with carefully worked details, the chicks is enjoying the model.

Speaking of templates worked great, and just as there are many articles in the world of fashion that wasteful luxury in your composition, with the shoes is no different and today gather here some of the models of shoes more expensive in the world. Have shoe with diamond, gold shoes and everything else.

First we start with a model known worldwide, the replica of the booties used by the character Dorothy in the movie “the wizard of Oz”. The model worked with rubies worth about $1.3 million and R were created just 7 pairs of model.

Mounted Jewels are one of the main features of more expensive shoes in the world. This peep toefor example has rubies, sapphires and diamonds worth 3 million dollars, about 6 million reais.

With 464 pure Platinum diamonds this sandal, which costs R $2.2 million, was used by actress Laura Haring in Academy Award for 2002 by combining with a necklace of 27 million dollars.

Were used more than 1800 100-Carat diamonds just to make the roses from the tip of this model that has a vintage style. The screenwriter Diablo Cody would use the shoe at the Oscars in 2008 but was backing out at the last minute.

This is one of the most “cheap” from the list, the sandal created by Giuseppe Zanotti has roses sapphires, diamonds, rubies and gold Rosemary-lime and was auctioned for about R $328,000.

This shoe also has 595 diamonds has only a yellow diamond, which alone is worth more than $1 million.

The pumps of the Roger Vivier brand, designed by Bruno Frisoni, costs about 90000 reais and is made with feathers from birds and alligator skin sole.

Apparently this tanzanitas sandal of 185 carats of diamonds and 28 carats was never used!

And it’s not just the high heels that are luxurious, this Nike sneaker was decorated with diamonds and rapper Big Boi was the lucky one who won the precious pair of sneakers.

These slippers, Yes, slippers, belonged to the Prince of India in 18 century and are studded with rubies and diamonds. A luxury worthy of royalty!

Finalizing our list of luxury shoes here is a male social model of brand Louis Vuitton made in crocodile leather with a 15000 real value.

Would you have the courage to buy and use one of these shoes?