The Most Luminous Shoes from Jimmy Choo

There is no doubt that Jimmy Choo is one of the three firms of footwear more worn by celebrities along with Christian louboutin and Manolo Blahnik. His designs are elegant and there is one for every taste. But as Louboutin always has their extravagant touches.

And one of them are the new shoes the signature as They shine with their own light. This is not no metaphor, but that truth at every step you take turn on. You had when you were little and they had light in the sole is like the slippers. Nothing more than this are more sophisticated.

Then, bring the cage with platform sandals a light in the heel that shines in the darkness and with the pressure of your weight. The Luminicent Heels come in two models, one neon yellow-heeled black strips and other strips of Fuchsia, turquoise, yellow and orange colors and the heel in pink neon. No is yes they are the most kitsch of the world, but I like the model with a total look black or jeans. They have personality and shine if same.

Do something included in the collection for H & M?