The Original Shoes to Wear in Winter

Original and eye-catching, so are the shoes of winter coming. But these designs that I’m going to show are really shocking, only suitable for the most daring. Boots, booties, shoes…models of scandal. All of the signature United Nude.

The boots are key in the collection. Musketeer boots you do make the most of the sensuality of the woman. Example of this are the Pin Boot and Boot and Boot models.

Shoes to wear with jeans or dresses, they stuck with all the looks. And they are also comfortable. The best? The heels

Boot Ultra Loop, is a design original and even revolutionary, hiper thanks to its silhouette, by its carbon fiber heel. The heel makes a crossing becoming a floating bed that slides along the entire shoe, running from the heel toward the top. Something very little seen and dared.

Also as new for this season are the peep toe with military and architectural influences.

A collection Autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 that it is characterized by the sexy, elegant style and the originality of their designs, with sensual and luxurious touches.