The Right Shoe Model For Your Figure

With a black Oxford, man is always right. Far from! Because whether closed or open lacing, loin strips or soft roundings decides not only taste and occasion, but first of all of your own foot. The shoe experts betray the Gentleman Blog, how to find the right shoe model for your stature.

Crucial question: Oxford or Derby?

Best friend’s, an upscale evening party wedding or an important business appointment men’s set usually on the “all-rounder” amongst the classic men’s shoes – the black plain Oxford. Worldwide is a timelessly elegant purpose weapon and that rightly this shoe model. But which is not always the best choice Oxford.

Too often, some forces forcibly in this popular men’s shoe in the faith, justice be done tagged it. But the two areas of lacing in a wide V diverge unattractive, is unequivocal proof that the carrier has unfortunately taken to the wrong model. «This is due to a high instep, the» clamping «.»

High tension requires the Derby

«At an average or low tension form the sides of the lace, the connoisseur speaks here of» quarters “, at the Oxford only a small gap.» Which was all men with the above described apart excellent V-neck set against Derby at the heart. This classic shoe with open lacing promises a pleasant distance in the metatarsal area above all gentlemen with a higher tension.

Added: once the regarded Derby as a touch informal as the closed leaf cutting of Oxford. But those days are fortunately just as overcome as the style commandment: no brown in town. Someone who so simply has not the physiognomy of the Oxford, need not worry. Today, a black plain Derby is a tasteful as elegant companion.

Rounded shoe shape complements strong feet

Apart from the shoe model the shape of the shoe not least decides, also known by healthvv as the last shape, a coherent overall picture. When it comes to bars, the following principle applies: gentlemen of slim stature generally meet a narrow cut lace-up shoes a stylish choice.

Men with a rather strong body construction should make tend to avoid the narrow strips. Quite apart from the interference of the fit, a slim cut shoe in this case can be quickly unfavorably. A pleasantly rounded toe cap, however, supports a convincing appearance.

Ornamented shoes visually shorten the foot

Now, some men actually live on big foot. Already plus size to be a small trick but easily conceal. An opulent decoration and also a remote front cover loosen up not only the character of the shoe, but at the same time visually provide a smaller foot. In reverse, a unverziertes upper, as well as a high enough lace stretch the foot. Ultimately the personal taste and occasion however, remain essential in decorating.