The Trends of Peep Toes

In the summer, it always show leg-at best two beautiful clean legs with breathtaking shoe below it. In the summer, there are ways for it. The ballerinas, which put the feet in the scene on flat sole, then sandals, always ensuring pleasant air and pumps, which can be elegant one float above the shopping street. But a special variation of pumps is namely the peep toes many times more trendy-.

Peep toes-a special pump
Unlike pumps peep toes are open at the front and show so one or two toes of the wearer, which can have a very glamorous. But also at the peep toes, the market is highly competitive, so that trends are also already can change with one eye stroke. Here you get an overview.

Peep toes-the trends this summer
If today goes to the shoe racks over, you can immediately see that color can be known this summer. The peep toes on the shelves illuminate often knalliger in real signal colors, such as bright blue, coral, trendy orange or deep forest green. This summer colour blocking is so again. This can be seen also on the individual models. So, a blue shoe is often combined with a red heel or red plateau by the designers. The shoe is an absolute eye-catcher, linking two availabe.
What is also striking is that appears less and less smooth leather on the shelves. The trend seems to go this summer especially towards suede shoe. Why not? Suede looks noble and easily maintain especially in the summer.
In contrast to last year, the number of peep toes with wedge has decreased. They are still available, but rather in the beach look that moves something away from the elegant look of the other peep toes. The huge hype surrounding the wedge with peep toe and high quality leather seems died off according to
This year who want to appear very extravagant, can also wear a peep toe with animal pattern. On the shelves are now chic shoes with Zebra, Tiger and Leopard pattern to find.

The peep toe is a must-have this summer, if you want to score on the road with pure elegance. With the new flamboyant and colorful peep toes, this is possible in any case. As always on the subject of shoes, there’s a good overview in Zalando.