These Parts Evaluate Your Cheap Outfit

The wardrobe is full with parts off the shelf and you also own one or the other design piece?  Perfect! It does not have to be the complete designer look to make your outfit look high-quality. We make the claim that either bag or shoes should be of a brand name, so the look looks great! Everything else can be kept rather casual and does not cost much money. And we can even prove it! With the help of four low-priced looks, we show that your outfit is much more fashionable when you combine fashionable designer shoes or briefcases. The result is super-stylish looks, which will make you fashionable in everyday life and in the job. But convince yourself.

The design part of this look is the bright red boots of Chloé with golden rivets arranged in floral pattern, over Net-A-Porter, 950 euros, suggested by automotiveqna.

For this we combine a low-priced jumpsuit in black from Primark,about 20 euros.

A jacket in denim look completes the casual style, by S. Oliver,about 90 euros.

Golden chain, from Weekday, around 12 euros.

The bandana takes on the color of the shoes again, from Urban Outfitters,for 9 euros.

The design fakor brings a silver Saint Laurent Paris bag in this outfit, also via Net-A-Porter, 875 euros.

Perfectly suited to silver, tones of the blue color range, as this trenchatoat of Vila proves, is about 55 euros.

Pumps in gold and silver attack the pocket colors, from Asos, circa 43 euros.

Sleeveless, silvery-this dress fits perfectly to the look of Cos, about 60 euros.

Classic Ledermules from Gucci, via LuisaViaRoma, 890 Euros.

True to the Gucci motto”more is more”, we are going to take a floral blazer from Zara,about 80 euros.

Second-hand, this summer are also a big trend theme, matching pants by Zara,about 50 euros.

Blouse with concealed button strip, by Cos, around 60 euros.

The beautiful Drew-Bag is always an eye-catcher, from Chloé, 1590 euros.

Leger combined to blue jeans, by Pepe Jeans,around 70 euros.

Lace lace-up shoes with a spiked heel take up the orange bag of the bag, from Asos, around 40 euros.