Thigh High Boots without Heels

What is the most comfortable shoes? – Exactly! Shoes with high heels. It turns out that even without the female element boots on a flat sole with last autumn-winter does not lose its charm and irresistibly attracted as “advanced” fashion bloggers and are not involved in the world of fashion beauties. What is the secret appeal of this simple but comfortable and practical shoes?

Fashion Shoes without Heels Fall

It seems all styles and trends fashion designers reflected in their latest collections shoes. There are a pair of fashionable boots on a flat sole and entertainment for lovers of kitsch and for sports fans and lovers of the wild west style.
“Boots”. Have become legendary moonboots (or moon boots according to BITTRANSLATORS) became the theme for variations in the autumn collections of fashion houses. What? Practical, modern and very unusual. These shoes easy to wear in the rain or in early autumn chill.

Cowboy motives. Topics southern states and cowboys still important. Famous boots in the style of “The Magnificent Seven” perfectly complement the clothes in the spirit of the pioneers of the wild west – leather jacket with fringe and skinny jeans, skinny.

Jockey boots. Another practical trend strongly listings last season. Comfortable and stylish boots-jockeys will blend perfectly with your favorite jeans and skirts and dresses strict copper.

Boots “with a sense of humor.” Bright, flashy colors, deliberately large furniture and decor, unusual cuts – shoes from the series “is not for everyone.” But ladies like Anna Della Russo definitely appreciate this trend.

Experiments material. Boots made of transparent plastic or tweed – unusual, but fresh with standard leather and suede.

Boots without Heels, Fashionable Colors

The color palette of new collections of shoes – very diverse. Let’s dominate classic autumn colors – black and brown, though, here is a place with interesting prints shoe and rich, vibrant colors. Purple, red, turquoise and gentle milk – coming fall season are not boring name.

Fashion Boots Flat Shoes: What to Wear

Number of bands that can easily be combined with boots with high heels – no way inferior to the number of possible combinations wardrobe with shoes with heels. Judge for yourself:

Strict pants suits with a narrow bottom. Pants may be changed to blue jeans. Students from Oxford style clothes perfectly complement jockey boots. It aristocratic and English.
Length skirts mines and mussels. Romantic, feminine style perfectly complements the boots without heels. Think bows street fashion bloggers so loved, that has become a cult model Hermes.
Classic games windows. As it turned out, even a classic element of the closet not contradict boots on a flat sole. Of course, it is best if it will be rigorous model with a narrow leg or medium-length classic boots.

Shorty and rompers. These details will be combined wardrobe of boots or cowboy boots in style.