Tips on Clothes and Sneakers for the Gym

You’ve probably noticed that it’s not just any piece that serves to use the gym, right? Some glue in the body by the sweat, other heat up too much and some still hurt.

Yes, to do your workouts and ensure perfect performance, the ideal is that you choose the best options for clothes and sneakers for the gym. But, you don’t have to worry. Fitness brands long ago realized this need and created pieces to suit many styles.

And we from the catwalk, as we also want to ensure high performance of your workouts, split up some tips on clothes and sneakers for the gym for you to choose the ones that have everything to do with you. Want to see?

Clothes And Sneakers For The Gym For Women

Women like to get dressed and be beautiful at any time, and that would not change with the clothes and sneakers for the gym. So, the options to split up, in addition to being comfortable and suitable for training, are beautiful.

For the legs, a shorts skirt is great because in addition to delicate and feminine is super comfortable. He gives freedom to the movements and still adjusted perfectly to the body.At the top, it is important that you use a top because it is suitable for physical activities, gives firmness to the breasts and not hurt, unlike bras. Finally, a Basic shirt which gives lightness and let your body breathe in the exercises is the ideal option.

Another amazing tip, are the double-sided tops, as well as beautiful, are multi use.
Like this, for example the Lupo Sport, which allows three types of use, because you can use the front and back replaced and also your inside out. That’s a lot of practicality and style right?

Already the sneakers, no less important, must be chosen with great discretion, because the wrong footwear, besides your practice’s business, may cause serious injury to the spine. So, we indicate a shoe that has a soft insole for comfort at your feet, and a sturdy rubber sole, to provide security.

Proper Attire For Men At The Gym

For men is no different. For a workout beneficial ideally play clothes and sneakers for the gym to practice specific exercises to achieve a good performance and, of course, avoiding discomfort and injury.

A shorts with elastic waist adjustment, not to slacken during the movements, pockets to hold the keys to the closet of the Academy or the cell phone, and, also, with technology that does not leave that retains moisture. At the top, you can bet on a t-shirt that’s soft and lightweight mesh to lightness in movements.

For the feet, a shoe with Mesh technology that provides ventilation to toe, rubber sole and soft insole for comfort at footsteps is a great option.

Like the options? Now that you know the clothes and sneakers for the gym better suited, can check out these and other options on the Catwalk and choose the one that matches your style! Don’t waste your time!