Too Early to Wear Sandals or Has Already Come Far?

These hot days have surprised everyone with the foot changed (never better said), forcing us to banish more warm clothes and getting everything running more summer clothes closet. The dilemma is clear: would have been stockings or not? do I start with the? Sandals or is it too soon?.

The famous have it clear: there is to show the feet. Whether it’s with pants, dresses or skirts, the sandals with heels they are the footwear suitable for the first heat. We can even use them in different colors to inspire us in the summery atmosphere: yellow, white, or leather, all are also suitable.

Some use an intermediate resource: sandals with SOCKS. And except on rare occasions of girls who get out graceful old faux pas, tend to err wearing socks. Just have to see the example of Rihanna or Kelly Osbourne.

I think I’m going to settle on the first option and begin to reserve time for a good pedicure. I will at least look pretty feet although they are still whiter than milk.