Top 5 Zumba Shoes

When you choose Zumba gear, it must ask the question of the shoes. We can be tempted to take the first pair of basketball coming, the cheapest, and it bit very well fall on a comfortable shoe. But when you choose Zumba shoes, you must watch the following to a pain-free zumba class.

The comfort of the basketball

Comfort is the most important thing to consider for any shoe, of any sport. Can regardless of the number of specific features that a shoe for zumba will bring you if the comfort is not at the date you. Fortunately, there are a plethora of zumba shoes, and all marks.

The weight of the shoe for zumba

Your zumba shoes should be light! All you want is to fly to the rhythm of your movements, not stay the feet in concrete, increased by two cinder blocks glued to your ankles.

The ventilation of your zumba shoes

You’re going to move, and even many move during your zumba class, which means that you will much sweat, your body, but also your feet! You see where I’m getting? Your shoes must obtain a proper ventilation! Otherwise you will be forced to throw away them after about 10 sessions.

The stability of your fitness basketball

Choose your zumba shoes based on the stability is equivalent to select shoes with broad soles, you are going to be in perpetual movements, rotations, change of direction, ankles and the pair of shoes that accompanies them must be able to follow and allow you substantial freedom of movement.

The cushioning for practice without pain

Another point that is important, do you have enough space at the level of your toes in your new pair of shoes for zumba? This is the key to a perfect dance moves. When you’re on your toes, in support, they are stretched, so longer, so they require more space in this area which is often painful.

The pivot point

Shoes with a pivot point always represent a better choice for Zumba, the pivot point is a special place on the sole of your dancing shoes, allowing you as his name to promote the rotation! Zumba trainers equipped with pivot protect point your knees, with basic shoes, which have a tendency to too gripping, when you turn your legs, the top of your legs will go further in the movement down, it will have to increase the pressure on your knees. That’s why is advocated shoes rooms with pivot points.

The purpose of the use

When you choose zumba sneakers, you should ask yourself the question, on what surface I will practice. Sneakers that will be very appropriate on the carpet will for example be too slippery on the parquet.

The best zumba shoes


The Reebok Dance HAYASU are available in many colors to be fitting with your outfit. When they are in hands for the first time, we notice immediately that design allows great support your ankles with stem rising mi which protects sprains and impeccably stabilizes the foot.

Aesthetically, it is totally successful, particularly because the basketball has no seams! This makes it really comfortable and beautiful, gives an ergonomic cut and limits any risk of friction and irritation.

We’re at Reebok, no surprise therefore, the brand ranks among the best in the field of high-performance fitness shoes. We can also do trust to Reebok for we offer a shoe that will meet the requirements of the impact high dance-fitness exercises.


These dance shoes are designed to withstand the pace of a full body workout, including feet who will sweat and sweat. No matter the surface, the Reebok Dance HAYASU perfectly withstand shocks through the lateral and median reinforcements in TPU and do not deteriorate.


The midsole foam 3D Ultralite (Ortholite) creates a feeling of cushioning incredibly durable and air. On the other hand, these sneakers Zumba have been manufactured with a porous material, it perfectly let feet breathe, another good point, moisture does not accumulate in the shoe, the feet breathe even when they sweat! Comfort is maximum, so the shoe is well designed.