Trend-Update: This Is How You Style Boots and Ankle Boots

The jeans pants are put into the half-high boots,ankle boots only fit to an ankle pants and the dress is worn overknees: these were the styling rules of the past years.  But which outfit combinations match the current trends and what looks do you have to wear now on the street to be up-to-date?

Here are the three most important outfit combo boots, ankle boots and ankle boots:

1. Ankle Boots & Boyfriend Jeans

Ankle boots can only be worn with tight tube jeans? That’s not true. A few years ago, it was still time to stuff tight pants down into the shoes or even to buy so-called “boots”, which do not throw wrinkles. Not anymore. This season, it becomes much more everyday, because now you can combine every imaginable type of pants to ankle boots. Particularly casual and often worn, is currently the combi with destroyed boyfriend jeans. The look of blogger Aylin Koenig proves that this can look at least as elegant. We immediately fell in love with the combi with a light blue blouse.

By the way: If the pants are too long, simply roll over. This gives the complete look a casual elegance and makes it wonderfully uncomplicated.

2. Dress & Overknees

The shoes, which were formerly known as cheap and dubious, have been celebrating a big comeback for a few years. That Overknees can upgrade an outfit, however, had to be anchored in our heads. For this reason, many women have not yet trusted in the last two years, and the trend is still in autumn and winter 2016. To avoid access, the following applies in general: Overknees are particularly elegant in muted colors such as black, gray, dark blue or brown. Combining them with a pair of pants can look beautiful, but is much more difficult than simply to wear a noble dress. Perfect with a color-coordinated coat. The look is modern, office-friendly and at the same time absolutely stylish!

By the way: If you do not trust yourself to wear overknees for a short dress, you can get used to the shoes with a maxi-skirt. So that the Aha effect is not lost, best to grab a skirt with side slits. So the overknees do not remain hidden, but do not expose any skin.

3. Ankle Boots & Cullotes

The Cullotes was probably the trend trousers of the summer. So we do not want to say good-bye to her in the autumn, and we are now taking the appropriate footwear so that it does not get too cold. Ankle boots, wide-cut trousers fit simple ankle boots perfectly. Who wants to perfect the look, like in this look, reaches into a model of red velvet.

By the way: All those who can easily shiver, can wear a transparent pantyhose underneath. Or alternatively to grab a higher cut pair of shoes so that the closure of the shoe and pants overlaps.

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