Twenty Rare Shoes History

Shoes, that complement both game gives us. The addicted to them going to admire them, which means to create shoes so original and difficult or hate them, since they may not seem artworks.

From Jezebel, we show you twenty more original and rare shoes that you have created in recent years. There is something for everyone: for the lovers of the skin or video games. Shoes taxable and unthinkable for some. Want to see with your own eyes?

We start the list with this model: a salon hair-heeled shoe.

We continue with this one, a shoe for the lovers of boxing.

This seems very original, a sort of heel without heels made with the mythical Converse Chuck Taylor in white.

This is great, for the loving freaks of the Pokemon and the Nintendo.

These, inspired by the trunk of an elephant, I think that the most “ easy to ” carry. The inlaid stones of all kinds are a marvel.

We passed this aerodynamic model. A little strange but beautiful to watch.

This other model contains a message about the paradox of the use of skins. Gun and the rest of the shoe heel pretends to be the leg of an animal. Original the less.

Personally this I don’t like anything, apart from the fact that it gives me a bit of grima. A few Nike that you end up becoming a human feet.

There are also high heels for diving lovers!

These if that seem to me a horror, containing that rodent poor within the platform.

The Leopard stilletto was never more real.

This would not know or how to put it to me.

This idea can be original so that your baby can also take advantage of your high heels.

Another model of those who find no explanation. Although the hue of colors, I like!

These seem to me very funny for being at home. A sort of life of snowman slippers but much more real.

For music lovers, sneakers with ability to play your favorite songs while jogging.

These are called “ platforms for prostitutes ”, all those little buttons help prostitutes if they have a mishap with a degenerate so that the police can, in short time, help them.

Shoe Nike Hamburger.

Finally, we leave with the loot made from plant.

What did you think? Nonsense or original? Do you consider any work of art?