Two Types of Men’s Shoes

Are you more city shoe or basketball? If your heart is torn between these two types of shoes, rest assured, you only have to adapt to each occasion. This is not to wear street shoes only for major events or to book his sneakers for running Sunday.

These two types of men’s shoes can be worn on various occasions provided to choose its models.

The case of the city shoe

City shoe is generally a pair of oxfords or loafers. Also in leather, well designed and good quality, these shoes represent elegance. They are generally for special occasions, or when appointments business. The only downside of this type of pair is often a lack of comfort.

At least that is what one may think. It is now possible to find a pair of oxfords (or “brogues” VO) very comfortable with Paul Smith, Urban Outfitters, or Repetto Topman example.

These pairs are lighter with thin soles and soft leather, often goat or lamb. Thus they can combine the beauty aspects and daily practice.

But sometimes this is not enough. On rainy days, for example, often has trouble themselves to damaging a nice pair of dress shoes. Therefore, the sneakers are an additional asset.

Choosing trainers

The advantage of a good pair of sneakers can be summarized in its comfort and practicality. However, the aesthetic does not always follow. Most models are too massive or vulgar share their logos or colors associated with each other badly.

Yet it is possible to find more subtle patterns that reconcile sobriety and wellness.

To offload the connotion too casual of basketball, we chose the plain and simple color: black, white, gray, brown or dark blue. So, forget the last Nike fluorescent stripes and asymmetrical laces.

Orient yourself more towards Lacoste models or Le Coq Sportif for example. The original pieces are too connoted teenagers and does not suit those who for years schools represent only a vague memory.

In other action, you can play with the classical revival. Take for example Adidas Stan Smith Dunk or even bi-colored Nike. In this case, it fully assumes the basketball side but it is offset with a color combination very flashy 80s.

Wear it with a sober plain bootcut jeans and a t-shirt v-neck white, they are perfect for everyday life. Without overdoing it, they bring a touch of originality that brightens any outfit. They are ideal for students and active youth.

The alternative: tennis

More neutral, new tennis that have emerged in recent years have managed to combine the aesthetics of the city shoe and the comfort of basketball. Most previously known is Converse.

It is worn at any age and in everyday life. But since, in riding the wave eco-friendly brands such as Veja emerged. Or, to remain in the field of canvas tennis, Ked’s, Victoria and Feiyue offer hundreds of models, simple style to more colorful.

Finally, more suitable for summer, sneakers and loafers canvas are back. Previously reserved for bobos arty, these pairs are democratizing growing.

Nevertheless, comfort and aesthetics make friends know when it comes to offering a good pair of shoes for everyday life. often misconception is that certain types of footwear are reserved for predefined occasions.

And yet, I think we can say that in 2010, it is possible to have your cake and eat it too.