Ugg Classic Unlined: Favorite Boats for Spring

Ugg Classic Unlined: Boots for the transitional period

The ghosts are divorced at Ugg Boots. The one finds the chunky fur-kickers to run away, the others love them for their casual look and the warm-feet guarantee.  The cult brand from Australia has a lot of fans who like to take their favorite shoes a bit deeper into the bag-the classic Ugg boots with lining and thick sole cost around 280 euros.

In order to make the fans happy in every situation, Ugg has always had something new to offer: in the meantime, there is a slimmer slim Ugg, fed slippers as well as ballerinas and sneakers that do not have anything in common with the original boots to have. The latest highlight is a springy variant of the classic half-boots, which is without fur lining and is said to be revolutionarily light. Classic Unlining are the new models of suede, which are available in five different color versions from black over camel to orange and from smooth or perforated leather. The shoe costs about 140 euros.

Ugg fans do not have to do without their beloved boots even in the transitional period. On the image pictures of the brand, the half-high boots like to combine short shorts and dresses and of course to bare legs. But jeans also look pretty casual.

We especially like the motto that Ugg has chosen for the new half-boots:”Death of the Dress Code”. Instead of insisting on rigid styling rules, we prefer to dress as we like-and also combine a superglamorous glitter fiddle with flat boots and a coarse sweater. So: To a happy, modern transitional period-whether with or without Uggs!

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