Vårkoll Stockholm (Part 2)

After part 1 of Vårkoll Stockholm it became pretty obvious that you longed for a rundown of yet more stores. Said and done was carried out yet another round on the town. This is what we found:

Vårkoll Stockholm (Part 2)

Slatgo & Clemenza
On Västmannagatan going on sale as usual. After sneakermärket Gram Design chosen to work as their own sales agents (previously it was Patrik on Slatgo & Clemenza who had that job), it is in our only a handful of models of the brand’s Spring collection out of the store. But is there any specific Gramvårsko you definitely want, but can’t get hold of it is still a good idea to go to Slatgo & Clemenza for they still have close contact with the gang behind Grams and can hopefully fix up the current model.Otherwise the shoe front continues sales of the Supreme Being, handmade lyxsneakers for 2500. Forward the summer will also Supreme Being Doppers from same brand whose shoes certainly is not hand-without factory-made, but on the other hand, are sold at half the price compared to huvudlabeln.

Grevius bags, Ulterior Motives a bit of everything and golf bags with dödskalleprints (1895) for those who want to stand out on the tee in the spring are also available, as well as an extensive selection of hat, as usual,-Cap and mice brand New York Hat Co – which also are agents in Sweden. In addition, watches in the medium price segment – 8 000-16 000 – from Ezteem. A little later this spring presents the store partnered with just Ezteem in the form of two clock models with different clock faces where the subjects are graphic illustrations of Richard Ryan, one of the men behind the Slatgo&Clemenza. Really cool watches to see!

The Grandpa
After a number of inaugural celebrations are now two red carpets uncoiled for visitors to fridhemsgatan 43. Once there, they are greeted by three floors and more than 400 square meters of truly Grandpa-concept. Many of the brands is recognized, but will be for the sake of not hackneyed because there is news all the time. Most awaited by all the new teach your sunglasses from Australian mark AM Eyewear. They are late because they sold out in both Tokyo and New York, and the mark therefore had to get new ones.

Otherwise it is as usual with Grandpa not only clothes that are sold. An even more pronounced focus in the new store is placed on furniture and lifestyle related things. We still strongly recommend second hand bags for under a thousand patches, the best of Swedish brands such as Velour and Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair and exciting Danes in the form of the Won Hundred and Junk de Luxe.

C.o.e. t
At Jakob’s Torg has shoe-and accessoarbutiken C.o.e. t become warm in the clothes and presents now even clothes on the men’s side, from B ‘ sbee. In the case of shirts, hoodies and shorts and the whole thing is very casual, unlike the other, dressy variety. Handmade and neat from the N.D.C., the shoes from Danish Mentor (which, incidentally, inside a premium collection this fall called “Diamond”) that do not reach the big chains and similarly dressy from Nicole Farhi, while new German trip is a little more daring. And speaking of daring: can a purple or Leopard print hat from Reinhard Plank to be something?

Moreover, it is worth mentioning bet on ekoproducerade products, which really is just right in time. Approximately 60% of the shoes C.o.e. t sells can be classed as “ecological”, colored by vegetable, natural colors under dignified conditions according to homosociety. Good for workers, good for the environment and good for the brands involved in the process from production to sale.

As usual, there is an orderly chaos Tjallamalla. Established Swedes in the form of, among others, Acne, Julian Red, The Stray Boys, Pour and Carin Westers Mr line Wester accompanied by name more or less on the way up as Nakkna, Ulrika Sandström, Goran S, Dennis & Peter, So Last Season, Merde!, Whyszeck , Nina Jarebrink and Gram Design. And so it is that särpräglar entire Tjallamalla: new, exciting names, with usually only one or possibly a couple of garments on the hangers.

Miss not a little uneven, but always present the vintage range, and finally all the infinitely many and fine accessories–far from mass produced!