Wedding Shoes Casadei

Wedding shoes, Casadei 2015, more charismatic collection of season for the wedding day. From the classical dècolletès to jewel Sandals, going through flip-flops ultraflat, there is an embarrassment of choice. A very sophisticated shoe line waiting to be discovered.

Carey shows us the new collection of wedding shoes 2015, a hybrid line that the band dedicated to a demanding bride among things also plans a change of shoes at the end of the evening, because let’s face it after a whole day on heels feet asking “truce”.

The well-known luxury footwear brand offers us a rich collection of Bridal Shoes sandals with very high TALC, dècolletès classics but also very chic almost perfect profiles-ultraflat Sandals for her wedding day.

Spotlight on the classic dècolletès pointed, the flagship of prestigious brands including Cao there offers a wide range of models, with high, medium or thin heel, available in a variety of shades tend to be neutral, with touches of gold and silver. Also very charismatic bicolor, in short, there is plenty of choice.

But if you prefer to wear a pair of summer Sandals then you can’t help but be fascinated by Casadei Sandals for the bride, or alternatively from the collection of flip flops, perfect for a change of shoes on the fly in case the sore feet is stronger than the need to slim the figure. Sandals, open toe, flip flops, in short, there is plenty of choice. Don’t believe us? Then don’t miss our gallery.