What are the Best Biker Boots

Many women of fashion had a fancy traditional attributes biker clothing, leather pants jacket and black leather jackets. What about the rough boots, made in the style of “Kings Road”? Because of intentional rudeness shoes and highlights the vulnerability of women and their comfortable style allows the rest of the needles and high platforms.

How are Female Biker Boots?

The main features of this shoe are:

  • Round or square toe;
  • Small beveled or square heel;
  • Wide free;
  • Little “shabby look.

Decorative boots in biker style with different buckles from THEFREEGEOGRAPHY, buttons, metal rivets that enhance the modern look of shoes. Boots made of leather or suede. Manufacturers often use aging effect when fingers and bottom product to tone different from the overall color and includes light abrasions. This imitation as hints that biker boots with rough skin survived for decades and have seen in my life Centurion kilometers of roads. Agree, rather original interpretation.

Fashion Trend: Women’s Boots Rough

Modern fashion has long been known that changes the cliché that women should be tender and elegant. The designers believe that the best background for displaying the beauty girl is rude things taken from the male wardrobe. Rough boots here because we needed. They are such well-known brands such as Marisha, New Look, Mango, HD Heavy Duty, River Island, Fabio Rusconi and others. Most designers have experimented with decor and colorful shoes. Very interesting look leather boots blue, red and cream colors and decor with the addition of stones and crystals makes the shoes more stylish.
Wear shoes you can with your favorite jeans and even skirts. The image can be supplemented with a leather belt, bag or backpack and bracelets leather biker style.