What Shoes for the Oktoberfest?

Girls, leave your good pumps at home! It’s a pity. Even if you let the taxi get you close to the Beetle tent, you still have to walk on gravel. At some point in the tent you want to climb the bank, dance, sing. Then it pays off when the heel is not quite so slender and slips between the planks. And in the course of the evening, someone will tip you over your feet. Guaranteed. And the beer-soaked floor does fine leather soles not good.

That’s why I’m telling girlfriends who want to come and plan to go (Oktoberfest starts on September 20): sturdy footwear, preferably with rubber sole. Gladly also with heel, but please a real one. I want to have fun with you!
Correctly I would have to recommend brogues, but since I consider midi-long dirndl to be even more recommendable, the flat shoes model for you, as for me, would be a ugly leg jam.
My tip: According to vintagewill, go to Yoox.com and in the filter “Ankle boots”, “Ankle Boots”, “Brown”, your shoe size and price range to 150 euros, possibly still “medium heel height” and go on.
I have already had my selection sent to me after I had to cut my proven model of Prada (brown smooth leather to lace, rubber crepe sole with plateau heel) after years of heavy use due to Bierfäule in the ton.