What Shoes for Which Occasion?

A plush-filled shoe cabinet is at the same time a blessing and curse: on the one hand the generous selection provides for many possibilities of combination, but on the other hand, there is also the risk that the shoes do not match the outfit in terms of color and style.

In order to make you a good figure at work, at the restaurant and at the sport, here are some tips to help you choose the right shoes.First of all a general help:If you have a lot of shoes, it is advisable to roughly sort the individual pairs, so that you do not have to look for the right couple on spontaneous trips.Sort your shoes, for example, by cut, style or color.

Sneakers for a lot of running, pumps as a general purpose weapon

Sneakers are very comfortable and therefore are ideal if you are walking longer on foot.For a long shopping trip in the city or a walk with the girlfriend you should therefore best to sneakers.They fit both casual casual wear and jeans pants.You may also wear pants, but should not be too bright.Pumps , on the other hand, are true all-purpose weapons.They make a good figure in combination with skirt or pants.You can also wear both outfits at work as well as during the evening visit to the restaurant or the cinema.As the heels are slightly lower than high heels, your feet are also quite comfortable in the long run.

Boots, sandals and flip flops

In the winter, boots can basically be worn on all trousers and/or skirts, and therefore on almost every occasion.To tight outfits, elegantly cut boots also make a good figure and give you a certain sex appeal.This means that boots can also be worn in the disco.But be aware that there is a certain freedom of movement if you want to go to the dance floor.For walks on the beach and the general vacation outfit sandals are excellent.With subtle colors they can be combined with almost all skirts, shorts and three-quarter trousers.This is also true for airy flip flops .In the summer, flip flops can be worn in everyday life, but not at work.This is ineffective and usually makes a “lick” impression.

What shoes to narrow and wide pants?

If you wear tight trousers, for example, to highlight your figure during an evening in a bar, the handle is worthwhile for flat shoes such as ballerinas.According to sHOEFRANTICS, the exact opposite is true for wide trousers: shoes with high heel ensure a safe appearance and a coherent look.