What to Wear with High Platform Sneakers

Sports style is relevant and popular. The girls are happy not only convenient but also practical things like this. Particularly active recently started ladies in fashionable shoes on a platform a few years ago seemed to be riding absurdities.

Sneakers High Platform – Especially Models

This style came into vogue lately, but it turned out to be free, independent trend for the city. All conventions in the past and today shoes platform produced retro and casual and classic style.
Often called arrowroot platform shoes or sneakers. This shoe is not intended for serious sports stress, but perfect girls who lead an active lifestyle and avtoledi “stylish things.”
Since the establishment of the platform shoes are many designers and companies. For example, running on a platform of Nike and Adidas – a combination of quality and the latest trends in the footwear industry. Products of famous brands differs unusual design with traditional logos and bright colors.
Universal, but at the same time is a modern white sneakers platform. Lightweight version suitable for summer jacket models look decent and winter. White is known not capricious color, so just combine almost any palette.
Also, take a leading position juicy colors – red, blue, pink, purple, red range improves mood and makes the image of stylish and original. Should pay particular attention to the fairer sex color neon and metal.
The decor is often used patent leather or elements thereof, eye suede. The latest collection of designer shoes decorated actively animalistic prints, and it can be quite serious and playful. For example, it is not uncommon even shoes decorated with faces of animals, wings and legs. Romantic floral appreciate nature, enjoy lover of classic monochrome models with contrast stitching or graphic patterns.
What to wear?
If you want to look attractive in order to keep pace with the times, in addition, become taller and slender, and then, of course, in their need to use images of sneakers on a large platform. Added the following combination:

  • Sports shoes on a platform with recommended wear tracksuits, shorts and T-shirts or mayechkamy- “boxers”
  • Sneakers for hidden platform often prefer girls who appreciate a dress and shoes comfort and fit, so in harmony with jeans and a sweater, leggings and tunics;
  • Black shoes platform, unadorned or decorated with crystals help create an elegant bow – try to try them with skinny knitted piece dress, leather pants; if you put on your running shoes with tights or stockings, then make sure that their color repeated;
  • Nike shoes suede platform will not go unnoticed thanks to a spectacular brand and materials, they come to the bridge, a short skirt or casual sporting nature;
  • Shoe looks good and outerwear – jackets, hoodies, short coat.

Poor and clumsy-looking shoes this plan, evening cocktail, business attire, so such experiments should be avoided.
To sneakers for a large platform did not cause injury, are comfortable, you should prefer models snug-fitting leg, with depreciation. It is also important that the shoes are not heavy hygroscopic carefully executed.