Winter Shoes: Ankle to Combine with Skirt and Pants

The low shank boots, flush with the ankle, are known as laced. A Bootie easy to wear because it combines perfectly with skirt and pants. Comfortable and stylish, is also ideal to choose during halftime footwear.


The most feminine proposals are designs of vertigo stiletto, very well defined lines, who with some detail making them to be especially elegant: fringe, studs, metalized parts mixture of skins, stones, color combinations…

The best of these models, especially Blacks, is that they are ideal with night outfits and forget so salons or pumps get you out because of stockings, because this happens you to many right? The foot will also more secluded and sheltered, therefore more comfortable. Pura Lopez (cover image), Mariamare, Zara and Menbur, You can find this kind of loot.

We find more models of sport, of tacó low and carved in Suede, perfect to wear with jeans in more informal looks like these proposals of Mango or Mustang.