Women’s Shoes Online

So far, I was rather opposed to order shoes and especially ladies’ shoes somewhere on the Internet or by catalog. Especially with my narrow feet this is difficult. On the other hand, it is easier to try the shoes directly in a shop. As I said, so far. 
Of course there are many shoe shops on SHOPAREVIEW, which invite to stroll and try. And just trying on different shoes is a lot of fun. Here I can fully understand every woman who has this desire, I am the same. But unfortunately one likes a model especially, which unfortunately is not available in the right size and color. What to do?

Of course every well-gifted saleswoman will have the idea to check whether there is a suitable model in the warehouse or in another branch. But just in my previous ‘favorite shop’ in Schwenningen, all sizes from 7 upwards are either sold out very quickly, or they are not ordered anymore. In really good shops, however, this should not be a problem to get the desired shoe, especially if the model sells well.

Because some shops seem to be doing well and they do not have to sell (or want to) sell shoes, there is often only one way: order on the Internet.Here I can not touch or try a shoe directly, but I can calmly look at different models and compare. Comments can often be forgotten, especially if a woman claims that the shoe is too tight and another writes the opposite.

Why Buy Shoes Online?

Online I have a great advantage: I have a return right. At least 14 days are required. However, many providers offer a longer period of time. This of course has the advantage that I try the shoes in peace, look at them with appropriate clothes and test them in the morning and in the evening. If the shoe does not fit, he goes back, otherwise you got the shoe that the store did not want to sell.

I would like to mention exclusively Amazon, because I could only have positive experiences there.Subjectively, there is simply the largest selection. However, one has to make sure whether Amazon sells itself or a third-party supplier. This is followed by the return time.

Other providers, such as Mirapodo, offer longer deadlines. Partially it is 100 days. But if I could not decide myself after 30 days, it becomes difficult and unbelievable. The problem is also that one should try the shoes fair only in the house and not too long to avoid traces of use as far as possible. Because at the latest when the first scratches or stone imprints in the sole are, the shoes are not really returnable. So please stay fair. And so the 100 day return guarantee first makes a good impression, in reality, however, this is mischief and no more than an advertising gag.

Fair is also, if of three or four ordered shoes at least one pair really keep, or is re-ordered specifically.The backflows naturally cause high costs, but without this possibility the traders would not sell anything.

However, ordering shoes on the Internet has become an important option for me. However, a careful pre-selection is important in order to avoid returns as far as possible. Because only when it is for the dealers, it will also be free in the future.

Apart from the above, the following list is completely free of valuation.

Here I Find What I Am Looking For

Another advantage for me is that I get the shoe I’m looking for.
It has often happened to me that I have seen in a catalog eg a shoe from Tamaris. If I now go to the various shops in the area, I have unfortunately to find that almost everywhere there are other models.The requested model is faulty or no longer available in my size. Even in the Tamaris store, there is only a very limited selection, so these shops are not a real option.

Thus, in this case, there is only one way: order on the Internet. Here I have to order and pay, but I can try the shoes in peace and decide if I want to keep them.

I’m sorry for the local traders, but if they do not want to sell anything and do not try, I can not help them. On the other hand, manufacturers are also to blame for this misery. Collections usually have to be ordered half a year or a whole year in advance. Here it is a blessing when exactly the right models are there. If a true racer is there, but he can unfortunately not even be reordered. Properly large dealers have certainly other means available. It is conceivable that if a manufacturer refuses to surrender, he flies out of the assortment if necessary.