Wool Felt Fashion Ladies Winter Boots

As you can guess, felt boots stylish modern originate from normal boots. This shoe for a long time enjoyed respect and winter people go only in boots, not freezing as felt retains heat well and does not miss the cold. Now boots have undergone some changes and began to look much more attractive and modern, so it is entirely possible to wear with jeans and pencil skirts, and even, for example, dress in Boho style. Overall today I felt boots – stylish accessory able to add any original image and unusual “fragrance.” But besides that, these boots are also very comfortable and warm shoes that could safely walk even in the cold, you feel comfortable with when, for example, than in isolated leather boots.

Felt Boots Women

Material. Felt is a unique material in nature. Of course, winter is to make special warm felt boots with fur or hair inside, but the boots that were not yet while remaining very warm shoes. This is because the masses do not go into the cold air and do not let warm. So do not be afraid even buy a jacket and felt boots winter walk in them, placing them in warm woolen socks. But insulated models are also very comfortable and warm feet are certainly very good. But usually important when choosing shoes – is felt. Note that it should not be too soft, as in this case, boots quickly lose their shape and easy to get wet.

The style and pattern. Now on the shelves you can see a huge variety of felt boots. Among them are factory model, and made ​​or decorated by hand. These are especially valuable for those who usually done only in a single copy and therefore unique. In addition, there is a high felt boots and low. First it looks great on the feet, especially if you wear them with a skirt or tight pants, leggings or jeans. Short boots felt are more flexible because they are much easier to fill, such as trousers. In addition, if you plump feet long felt boots you just will not do, as will visually expand feet in volume, but short would be an excellent choice.