Yes Man Shoes Must Have a Woman in Your Closet

Man fashion increasingly has more influence in the world, it is true that the women’s fashion I think that we will always win, but little by little the menswear brand trend. That women want to endorse and trends season after season to see them in all the collections of the top firms and of course in the shops of a foot. This autumn coats of man with woman knits have become hits for them, but it seems that women love the comfort of the men’s shoes and want to remove them all!!

The issue is in the adaptation of the garments man at women feminine garments, it is clear that it can be and this season we have a chance to prove it. The shoes male style are fashionable, anything else must take to the streets and see how it makes several seasons that are much, perhaps because comfort for also by the desire to find that male-female style so sexy.

Dolce & Gabbana 475 euros

This season some can not miss you lace-up shoes typical color you want then here is your advantage. You can allow you to choose any chopped flat shoes pink, silver or gold to complete your work look. You can also choose to carry precious stones and most striking accessories for holidays in the best possible way.

We must find the balance between the the feminine and masculine style, that you can not miss. A pair of shoes of this style will be phenomenal with a large pair of earrings and a dress lencero but instead it will be very boring with a suit of dark color. We need to find those items that add femininity to garments that we always associate them with man.

Zara 39,95 EUR

You know that you can choose the colour that suits you, also you can choose to be leather or tweed or any material you like it. My Favorites are the classic accesorizados with some very feminine goal as stones, glitter, or any kind of tack. What do you think?