Zayn Malik for Giuseppe Zanotti: First Images of the Cooperation

04th January 2017 cooperation after Zayn Malik in the music world is already a star, the singer of now the fashion is dedicated to. Together with Giuseppe Zanotti, the boyfriend of supermodel designed Gigi Hadid a shoe collection, which will be launched in the near future. Now you can see a first look at the exclusive footwear

On Tuesday, Zayn Malik on Instagram published a first campaign photo in black and white from the collaboration with the Italian shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti, the title “Giuseppe x Zayn” bears. Sure, the singer is sitting and in usual rock-style in front of a stone wall to see. In the focus are the sporty shoes in black leather with a compact white sole wears the 23-year-old and that are part of the shared collection.

The short clip was also posted on Tuesday on the Giuseppe Zanotti Instagram profile a further first impression. It introduces Zayn Malik of a few casual suede boots, reported by Mbakecheng. What surprises “Giuseppe x Zayn” still holds, will be to look at the latest on the 28 January 2017: then the shoe collection in the United States and Europe is available in the retail as well as online.

Zayn Malik and the Italian designer Giuseppe Zanotti learned to know and appreciate on the Paris fashion week 2015. “We realized that we share a similar attitude and approach: iconic, fancy and expressive.” Zayns effortless cool, bold and individualistic vision and love for fashion mean to me much”, the 59-year old Zanotti cited the American VOGUE.

As Zayn Malik reveals in an interview with the US VOGUE, designing his own collection have caused him much joy. “Fashion, as well as music, reaches everyone and has emerged as an additional outlet for me,” according to the artist. He summarizes his designs for the collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti: “I wanted to mix iconic rock ‘n’ roll styles, such as boots, which are pretty tight, with organic colours. I think this mix makes them appear pretty classic.” What style his personal issues to, so he had no solid motto: to follow, instead of current trends he combine rather classical pieces to his own individual looks.

“Giuseppe x Zayn” is not the first foray into the fashion business, for the former “one direction” member of the musicians for the label versus Versace has worked with Donatella Versace. The designs of this incurred should be revealed in February.