The 10 Most Beautiful Holiday Destinations in Europe

Europe has many tourist strongholds to offer. But if you want to spend your own vacation away from the crowds and predetermined tourist offers, the following places are recommended.

  1. La Graciosa – Spain
    The island of La Graciosais only one kilometer north of the Canary Island of Lanzarote. In contrast to this popular holiday destination, La Graciosa with its few hundred inhabitants, unpaved roads and deserted dream beaches is an idyllic retreat for a completely relaxing holiday.
  2. Monte Isola – Italy
    The inland island of Monte Isolais located in Lake Iseo in northern Italy, near the city of Bergamo. In the four larger and numerous smaller villages, holidaymakers can forget everyday life undisturbed and let themselves be enchanted by the village-like Italian charm.
  3. Aran Islands – Ireland
    On the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland, barely 1000 people live between historical remains from the Iron Age. In addition to the many small gardens, surrounded by stone walls, holidaymakers can experience old Irish traditions up close. The picturesque landscape is also ideal for long hikes or bike rides.
  4. Pielachtal – Austria
    In the Lower Austrian Pielachtal you can admire the untouched nature of the foothills of the Alps on the one hand and the life of the local population on the other. This unspoilt nature is also reflected in the large fish population in the eponymous river Pielach.
  5. Tróodos Mountains – Cyprus
    The mountains in the southwest of Cyprus are a tempting travel destination for holidaymakers who value various cultural treasures such as local culinary specialties, flora and fauna of the region or traditional village festivals. All of this can be admired here alongside numerous monasteries with architecturally special churches.
  6. Durbuy – Belgium
    Durbuyis a municipality that has consisted of around 40 individual villages since the Middle Ages. 400 people still live in thehistoric center ofDurbuy . In addition to the hundreds of kilometers of idyllic hiking trails, the local castle, located on a small river between fruit trees, is an absolute highlight.
  7. Kuldiga – Latvia
    The city of Kuldiga, also called Goldingen, is located in Latvia and is also affectionately known as the “Venice of Latvia”. Both the Windau, one of the most beautiful rivers in the country, and its numerous tributaries and tributaries make the place one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Europe. The “Ventas Rumba”, the widest waterfall in Europe, which is located near the city, is also impressive.
  8. Bratislava – Slovakia
    The Slovakian capital Bratislava, with its 400,000 inhabitants, is the only European capital that is located on a three-country corner. The Austrian capital Vienna and Hungary are only a few kilometers away. It is also the only major city on the Danube that lies on both banks of the river. Numerous historical buildings, narrow streets and picturesque house facades invite you to linger here.
  9. Amsterdam – Netherlands
    The city of Amsterdam has its very own flair. Numerous small rivers cross the city, hundreds of equally small bridges, some lovingly decorated, cross those canals. In these canals lie the typical Dutch houseboats, on which many local residents spend their time when they are not cycling through Amsterdam like many of their fellow human beings.
  10. Hamburg – Germany
    Although the northern German city of Hamburg isone of the largest cities in Europe, you can still spend a great holiday here. A multicultural society alternates with a multitude of cultural offers. Historic districts add to the enchanting cityscape, as do more modern, bustling neighborhoods. In addition, the Reeperbahn in Hamburg is always worth a trip.

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