Beverly Feldman Collection Autumn-Winter 2009 / 2010

Strass, reeds in rich damask fabrics, animal hair, maxi Golden studs, belts in gold leather, beads and original finishes. Without a doubt, the faithful followers of the firm continue to finding an eclectic collection that thrives on a mixture of styles. But I’ll take the collection Spring-Summer 2009.

Constant luxury is the maximum of the designer Beverly Feldman, in a collection Autumn-winter 2009 / 2010 that will see four different styles:

Peep-toes laced in colors like the ink blue and green mixed with gold. High heels with platforms that offset, you’ll be the Queen of the track with them.

Animal print in Leopard and Zebra hair mixed with iridescent vinyl.

Something as simple as a color raspberry booty will give you the final thanks to his heel in pyramid and inside Leopard look.

The bikers in gold mirror effect and the skin of black belts with coconut and the wink of a lock as a detail or classroom with edge cut in black padding with maxi tacks in the heel, are some of the boldest proposals.

The combination black-gold, the star without a doubt of this line.

Inspiration of courts and the Palace life in musketeer boots Rico Black Lace with sequins, lots of ruffles in black satin, slippers in the colors purple and gold heels.

The round tip is what prevails, pacifier-heeled booties with Pearl that wrap the foot, lounges with heels decorated with huge ribbons of satin and velvet, they will make that all over the world turn to your step.

The dancers in soft suede with strass, lounges and mary janes with medium heels, ankle bracelets, everything seems straight out of a London of the 60’s.

With them long evenings you can spend through the main streets of your town without worrying anything, feeling more woman ever, looking for the reflection of your look in the windows.

The collection in full has many details, because Beverly knows what you want in their collections, be yourself at all times and not go unnoticed to anyone.