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Brand facts: 

  • Blundstone is an Australian brand specializing in manufacturing high quality boots with many functions for people on their feet all day.
  • Their shoes are designed originally to be easy-on and easier-off.
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  • They pay much attention to the safety and comfort in order to meet the requirements of those who walk on hard surfaces for long time.

Main Categories: 

Original style boots, Chisel Toe style boots, Leather Lined style boots, Chunk Sole style boots, CSA Safety boots, Winter boots, Kid’s boots

Blundstone Women Shoes - Austral


Time and place: 1870, Australia

Early products: shoe accessories

Founder: John and Eliza Blundstone

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Headquarter Location: 

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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Store Locations: 

Australia and worldwide

New Arrivals: 


Price Range: 

Women shoes: USD120.75-USD209.95

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