Boat Shoes: Stylish Companion For Leisure

For sailors mandatory, proves this legendary men’s shoe model has long been its maritime charm to land. Whether in the city, in the park or at the port – the athletic boat shoe is an integral part of the modern dress code. 

Boat shoe: Eye-catcher at sea and on the land

On hot summer days, white tennis socks in open-toed shoes are a familiar, sight in German cities if even pitiful. For all men, where the classic lace-ups when the summer temperatures appears to formally a track, but to sporty feels a sneaker is a light companion in the slippers. In Italy and the United States, high-quality penny and tassel loafers are regulars in the Office – and also in Germany, the popular slip shoes already are on the rise. A touch of casual and thus for the leisure sector almost predestined, the boat shoe presents itself, however.

The boat shoe in the 1930s as improved Segelschuh was originally developed. Its inventor, the enthusiastic amateur yachtsman Paul Sperry, was desperately looking for grip on the slippery deck of the ship in the usual sports shoes out of soft canvas. The idea came to the now well-known boat shoe design but with a winter walk with his loyal Cocker Spaniel Sperry.

From the Segelschuh to the summer shoe

Prince – the name of his friend, some verb – maintained easily with his paws himself on icy ground attitude. Without further ADO Sperry produced a new kind of sailing shoes with profiled rubber sole on the animal model. And with success! Soon his boat shoes were popular with fellow water sportsmen and from there were established on the Mainland.

Not so unlike even the boat shoe has a u-shaped Schafteinsatz the moccasin . «The Slipper features in contrast to the famous» Indianerschuh however, side panels sewn-on, as well as a thin, white rubber sole. A ledernder laces, which runs all around the entry of the slip-on shoe is also characteristic.

Combine stylish boat shoe

Today inspires the former Segelschuh in many guises. Both in the classic plain smooth leather version or a fashionable suede interpretation with two-tone leather uppers of airy boat shoe guarantees a summer appearance. Jeans and polo shirt make the perfect triad for the casual Casual look – together with the Slipper-.

Who’s a trail sommerlicher like the comfortable Schlupfschuh combines a modern short pants. The boat shoe makes a good figure with chinos – very always without stockingsself evident. But care: Although the boat shoe also on weekdays can be used in less formal sectors, he remains first and foremost a more comfortable shoe. A classic lace-up shoe such as the Oxford is still preferable for an important business meeting.