Booties Cloned from Alexander McQueen on Steven Madden

I’m sorry for Steven Madden that is a firm that I love to buy good shoes at affordable prices, but the Zara, each time his cloning becomes more noticeable. If at the time we had las sandals with Rhinestones by Balmain, now copy the coal of the spoils Faithful of Alexander McQueen is simply amazing.

First saw the of Steve Madden, but reviewing the McQueen store with style rocker that is fashionable in the season of Autumn-winter 2009/10, I was astounded. Simply not meeting difference in the images, but I guess that once live and in full color if that will be something marked.

First, fold is the same, metal details and closing also. Up to the heel and the height. The differences begin at price, McQueen’s cost some 900 EUR, While Madden, whose name is Seryna, they’re only worth 100 euros. The difference is astounding and I finally believe that they earn by Pocket the of Steve Madden. In addition another touch that I could capture is that close at the Alexander tops in a skull and others in a normal funtioning.

I have to make a call to the American firm: originality, please!