Brogues – The Hole Ornament of Men’s Shoes

Men’s shoes are known as Brogues, equipped with hole patterns. It is whether the shoe structure is an Oxford, Derby, Blucher or monk trap. Each of these basic models can be varied by Brogues.

The Duke of Windsor, a style icon in the 1970s, wore Brogues to play golf, as well as in a finer variant on social occasions and popularized around the world so that men’s shoe.

Originally, Brogues had a more functional, because decorative function

In the 18th century, Brogues had less aesthetic than practical tasks to fulfill. The farmers in the Highlands of Scotland (therefore often also called “Scottish punch” is used) and Ireland were on the road, took advantage of the small holes in the nose cones of sturdy leather footwear to allow better drain water out of the shoes. It also helped the faster drying.

Soon discovered the British nobility this kind shoes for themselves and made them thus misfits. It was a refinement over the years until the Broguing not more fully through the leather was punched, but was used merely as ornament on the shaft.

Two types of Broguings are typical: Lyra punch & rosette

Broguing stresses and adorns the seams or the shaft tip of a shoe. In the leather parts, which are placed along the seams, mostly the so-called “Lyra punch” is made in the punching of the shoe factory. With her two vertically standing small holes followed by a bigger hole. This pattern varies only in the size of the hole, less often in the shape of the hole. The ornamental Broguing of shoe toecap, referred to as “Rosette”, however, consists of large and small hole lines.

Three variants of Brogues

Three different types of Brogues came at the beginning of the 20th century for the first time big in fashion: the half-Brogue or semi Brogue, the full Brogue and the full Brogue Longwing. Usually only the seam edge, across the front CAP, is fitted with a Lyra punching former. Often, still a rosette is centered on the top of the shoe.

The full Brogue comes with a wing CAP, which extends to the sides of the shaft. In addition to a rosette placed centrally on the toe, this Brogue on the Schaftteilrändern is equipped with Lyra perforations rich.

An increase is only the full Brogue Longwing. His mounted wing CAP, whose side Ausläufer extend far to the back of the heel seam, thus eliminating a heel CAP, this men’s shoe makes a chic leisure-time Companion.

Basically, Brogues are versatile, fit the business outfit, as well as to the jeans. Blank polished black models can be combined excellently with the evening clothes.