Cheerful Shoe Care Seminar By Burgol

Unlike in many other countries such as India or Brazil, where shoe-shine is a common profession and in the local companies is perfectly normal to clean the shoes are on the open road, most Germans clean their shoes or even – when they do. How to properly clean his shoes, shows and teaches Rainer Ersfeld by Burgol Shoecareservice in his shoe care seminars. The gentlemanblog was on the ground and has looked at from close to it.

Workshop theory and practice

The shoe care seminar is divided into theory and practice. The theory includes the active and passive shoe care. The participants in the practice phase can then apply your newly learned knowledge under the guidance of Reiner Ersfeld directly from their own shoes.

Sweaty feet and opening lace – many valuable tips

In which offers articles for bras, it is not only to the proper shoe care and the shoe polishing tools and Jumeirah means itself. The participants receive many valuable practical tips for everyday life. You can learn among other things, how you can use an identity card as a shoehorn, with wechem trick a shoelace guaranteed not unintentionally opens which helps protect against sweaty feet, and at what time of day you should buy new shoes.

Get to the footwear

The practice followed by the theory. The participants to bring their own shoes or get dirty shoes. Of the dirt removal via waxing up to polishing each can bring back his shoes to a high gloss. According to Ersfeld, especially men in the care of their men’s shoes tend to use too much shoe Polish. But when using the care products is: less is more, which is also quickly materialized in the practical test.

Entertaining, descriptive and instructive

The registration fee for the four permanent shoe care seminar is 79 euros. Pass four hours like in the flight due to the humorous kind of Rainer Ersfeld and his numerous anecdotes. 10 to 16 participants in a pleasant way be included instead of frontal teaching school. And at the end all have guaranteed Flash bare shoes that make a flawless impression. Who applies what you learned at home, remain the shoes many years or even decades will receive. And the physical well-being is also provided at the seminar. There are cheese and wine evening seminar.