Cloned and Caught: What Have in Common H & M and Hermes?, a Pair of Sandals!

If you formulate the question in the title of the blue and good first few could give a correct answer, since at first glance the French firm and the chain low-cost Swedish have little to do with each other, but eye care!, even the biggest firms dwarves, or in this case the clones grow, and let us remember that in that H & M He has a master’s degree. Your ultimate goal? The sandals with strips of Hermes.

However, this clone is not the first that have these sandals with strips of Hermes, previously our beloved machine clone, see Zara, already launched its own version that quickly we hunt in Jezebel and compared to the original, although in favour of H & M I must say that yours is much more successful, come on, that dan the pego completely and to remove the thorn are not bad.

If Miranda Kerr already has footwear model in the Sandals of Hermes H & M Black, why not follow her steps?