Cloned and Plundered: Find The 7 Differences between Maison Martin Margiela and Zara

Always I have blown away leads me to the typical games of find the seven differences. There were some that you were very fast, but other you they cost the life e you were going frame by frame looking at every detail to see what was what was missing by mark. And this game I found yesterday in Zara When tried me some high heel wedges. Are the same as the of! Maison Martin Margiela! My mind was already beginning to accelerate, and wanted to know whether or not seemed.

First difference: the heel. Clearly the clone I like more, but I’m lately very enough for these details. Mmmmm… Second detail: the skin is split at the height of the heel, while the one of the original le covers one piece. Third difference… you find some more?

One, two, three, responds!