Clonehunting: Fendi or UterquE

When showed them that the trend in footwear would go by gray platforms, I taught them a fabulous pair of sandals from Fendi. I must say that I am in love with these since I saw them on the catwalk. But apparently I’m not the only one. I guess some of you also have noticed that the strips that are moored to the ankle in the form of dancers are not more for short legs and half overweight, but they have succumbed to the charm of this design without a doubt.

Some may like and not necessarily be the most wearable according to your figure. But if they had that nailed thorn now Uterqüe and the fabulous work of cloning of industries Inditex It brings us the solution to the strips. Completely covering the Fendi platform offers what they call a buttoned sandal, but is actually a sandals with heel and the same cross strips, knot and all in the instep; but leaving aside the straps at the ankle.

It comes in grey, It is not a fabric, but leather soft and clear differences in price. To my I liked enough and this weekend will go to check them. As for my fate already have a shop Uterqüe in Mexico, in the Antara commercial center, where I can find the ideal accessories for this season and this small clone of Fendi.


Clonehunting: Fendi o Uterqüe

Clonehunting: Fendi o Uterqüe