Collection Shoes Lodi Fall-Winter 2007 / 2008

Already soon becomes cold and will be time to change the flip-flops and the sandal boots, ankle boots and shoes. And for open mouth I taught one of the most glamorous collections from this season.

In 1983 Rod Stewart sang Baby Jane, the woman sophisticated, independent, something whimsical and a little naif who abandoned him by the glamour of high society. Twenty-four years later the prestigious footwear company Lodi presents Baby Jane, a spectacular collection for the Autumn-Winter 2007-2008.

This new campaign drink the heroines of the eighties, protagonists of the best lyrics of the pop and rock and the reintrepreta with the sophistication and the soft elegance of the current era. Personally I find it an incredibly elegant collection that signature reinvents, stylized and updated 1980s.

Patent leather, suede, and even pony they are the materials used for the original creations of next season. Fine lasts with sharp and shovels short and rounded forms. Platform boots, one of the basics of this winter, COTS and high metallic heels, my favorite, and shoes in reddish tone to break with the reign of the black.

The shoes of Lodi is deeply sophisticated, a daring chic elegance and certain purity futuristic. This makes sometimes abandon black by the Bordeaux and Brown during the day and gold and silver for the night. And continuous fashion of the peep toe, i.e. tip with the finger in the air., engraved leather, shoes with tassels and fringes and laces in the heel. Don’t tell me that they are not spectacular?