Dancers of Chloe, Not All Will Be High Heels This Winter

There is always a chance and look for dancers, that flat shoe that is has been reinventing collection after collection. I show them that you are the signature Chloe and there is a model for every taste and style.

The onset of this type of footwear is the most feminine and romantic. Since the ballet dancers they began to use at the end of the 19th century, it had its boom in discovery as street shoes in the 1950s. Since then, many women have a pair in his Shoemaker.

The of the photo have been adapted by Chloe to more contemporary tastes by adding the Strip over the instep decorated with butterflies. The buckle ankle closure It makes them rather sandals. The original meeting, ideal for cutting fishing pants.

Its characteristic, apart from being heels, is the rounded tip. Very easy to put on and taking them off, is a perfect shoe if you live in the city and you must walk a lot during your workday. Even in formal occasions, a good example is this dark blue ballerina in velvet and silk, decorated with Rhinestones.

You can find more worked with leather appliques models or chains, decoration, for my taste, breaks the idea of simplicity of the dancer. The model Brown top with rivets would not know with what to wear it. The chained bond of the neckline of the shoe seems to me to be fetched.

Look at the flat heel of the sole of the model in the photo above. The dancers are very flat and notes each stone road. I had a few dancers with elastic as they outline when I went to small ballet classes. I loved. The decorative buckle with the Chloe C I like much but you have to make sure that attaches to the foot before you shop, perfectly tensioned elastic.

You can already see that the best brands opt for the flat shoe for many different occasions. If heels aren’t your choice, or there is an empedimento for you to take them, the dancers are synonymous of femininity and comfort, completely trend.