Duel of Feet: Celine Dress Them with Their Platforms

Sometimes I would like to be one of them, and not by mole me that put me against the aim and eat me camera with my best poses (I’m fatalisima for that). Or be connected to the whole world every five minutes updating my social networks. No, sometimes I’d be them and go to stores and buy piecework as them, bloggers do. And not burn the Visa in Zara, theirs is to go to large firms and in shoes many are set in models of Celine (sigh).

And this thought comes to my mind after seeing this feet duel starring Chiara (obvious) and Aida. The first with a very seventies look and long jeans, the second with a more summery and casual outfit. But signed by the brand platform of esparto sandals are the protagonists at all.

We are going to choose: who does look them better?