Foot Health: With Inserts Firmly In Life Are

A gentleman is defined first and foremost by his character, his words and deeds, as well as his attitude to life. Even if the wardrobe plays only a minor role, but a confident performance in any case includes. The Gentleman Blog shows what is in a cramped position, to do a leaning course or also an uncertain status.

If the shoe pinches…

The body language is just as important as our verbal communication. Who would like to appear convincing, must feel comfortable in his skin and his clothes. Ill-fitting, oppressive or to wide shoes strain not only your own nerves, but also inevitably affect our visibility. Around the constant tugging on the shoe, zapplige legs, or also a tortured posture signal our counterpart an obvious unrest and uncertainty. But what to do if the shoe pinches?

High-quality men’s shoes with a high proportion of leather are the basis for a firm footing and healthy feet. But also see gentlemen, hallux valgus, hollow, or fallen arches are not uncommon–after all, 40 percent of the body weight on the ball of the foot rest about.

Deposits as a first aid measure

Shoe inserts here make quick workaround for this or other foot deformities. You support and fix the foot, so that muscles, ligaments and joints are normally charged, and at the same time providing a pleasant cushioning in the shoe with every step.

At times, which is also the man with a pair of shoes in the closet no longer only content made orthopedic shoe inserts can be however quickly the cost issue. Loose insoles are an alternative. The advantage: The insoles are inexpensive, can be easily removed if necessary and are dependent on material and design – available in various versions.

However, the extra insole in the shoe prevent an unpleasant smell – an absolute taboo for gentlemen. Also sensitive to cold and exposed to strong stress feet find a soothing relief with the practical tools.

Serious misalignment should be met basically through orthopedic shoes and insoles. But when different sized feet, in-between sizes, heavy perspiration, or also a precarious hold in the shoe, the first way must not directly lead to the doctor. It is crucial for loose insoles that they leave sufficient room to the foot in the shoe and at the same time secured in the shoe, to avoid an unpleasant back and forth slipping. For hygienic reasons it is advisable also to own several pair of insoles and to use them alternately.

Non-orthopedic shoe inserts at a glance

Leather sole for a perfect fit
Consisting of breathable Schaftleder, the high-quality insoles fill excess space in the shoe and make for a perfect fit. The leather soles are specially recommended for intermediate sizes.

Gel inserts for a secure grip
The soft Terry cloth shoe insoles give the foot a footing in the shoe. At the same time the form-stable gel cushions the foot especially while walking and is preferred in particular by athletes.

Fresh deposits for the summer
They absorb moisture, prevent an unpleasant odours and provide a pleasant climate regulation in the shoe. Tip: Who wants to wear moccasin without socks, loafers and boat shoe, should rely, however, on barefoot soles.

Sheepskin insoles for the winter
The cuddly soft Sheepskin keeps chubby hot feet even at freezing temperatures and protects against a larger cold development from below.

Shoe pads
Men with a low clamping are ideally suited for a distinguished Oxford shoe . Who still gets angry about too much space in the instep arch area, compensating easily with the self-adhesive pad.

Heel pads
The foot slips against heel back – and -forth, the fit can be optimized with a heel pad. However, pain in the heel or ankle area should be offset with a special heel cushion.

People with a Splayfoot know all about the burning pain in the metatarsal – a padding in this area supports and relieves the overstrained part of the foot.


A safe and painless (supervisory) Cadence helps a gentleman down in life and makes a convincing impression on his fellow man. Who feels an unpleasant pain in the foot or the joints in everyday life, should do yourself a favor and try it with shoe inserts.