Gift Ideas And For Gentlemen: Welt-Sewn Shoes

Elegant men’s shoes are always a business card of the wearer, and thus not only your condition is meant. Who likes opts super sharp running to Alligator boots in all walks of life, for example leaves a lasting impression guaranteed – always positive to evaluate whether this is, not once. It shall apply accordingly to match opportunity and shoe, because quite honestly: who would appear in rough rain boots to the silver wedding anniversary of the parents? The Gentleman Blog presents the appropriate shoes for Christmas.

Just for special occasions, it is advisable to put on the wonderfully calm Mr shoe classics. Derby and Oxford, whether with or without caps seam, were modern 80 years ago, are today and will be – it in 80 years of course welted. The simple, timeless elegance of these blueprints of the style harmonises superbly with the claim of an upscale event. Be it a wedding, an opera, a reception, or just the family gathering for Christmas. Man dresses up the opportunity – footwear is as indispensable.

Perfect fit thanks to voucher for high-quality shoes

Of course is a gifting of shoes for Christmas for the or others on MBAKECHENG may be a little unusual. Who knows, what size truly fits the recipient and make we us nothing before: the perfect fit of shoes is essential for pleasant everyday use. With a voucher of Schenker kills two birds with one stone: new shoes is pleased to Beschenkende and to choose at his own feet and to the own wardrobe themselves are these still fit.

How about a classic black Captoe Oxford? The understatement of his clear and simple lines leaves no questions. Fits to the Office suit as well as the fine thread of high solemnity and thus becomes the fashionable purpose weapon of the gentleman. Supporters of minimalism, however, rely on a Wholecut. Journal section, a classic Oxford with the difference that its shell – made from a single piece of leather on seams and decoration is deliberately this shoe model. His purism speaks for itself.


The lucky winner can choose within the 36 models of this collection and is able to enjoy a stylish appearance at this year’s Christmas so sure. To win the pair of your choice, we need a good reason why you did this Mr shoe classic is necessary – the most creative entry wins the Facebook post. The winner is also announced via Facebook on the 18.12.12. The legal action is always excluded. Good luck and Merry Christmas!