High Heels, Glitter and Luxury in The Week of Men’s Fashion in Italy

The beautiful Italy, well known for its beautiful cities, Mediterranean spirit and kind that many residents on the streets. Italy is synonymous with luxury and true Baroque When it comes to dress. While in other Nordic countries the style is simple, in Italy, when we talk about fashion, we speak of Glamour with a capital.

The photographer Tommy Ton He has toured the streets during men’s fashion week, and that found beauty in women and Italian men always van impeccable; color, and many jewelry and accessories that invite us to dream about them. Some precious photos that show us how some Italians wasting luxury and much style. We show them to you.

The looks that the photographer Tommy Ton It has captured through your camera are wonderful. This Italian love with his shirt Cowgirl and her scarf in her hair. It seems that the picture takes us back to a film of Visconti. Spectacular.

These fabulous shoes also seem a wonder for the summer.

This girl, I’ll take the whole look: dress in shades of nude and its sunglasses.

Military jacket and bag of Prada: perfect blend.

Another woman who dazzles in Italy.

Jewelry & more jewelry.

Secluded couple down the street. Afro hair she is most.

He has this however have because of plundering it in bad posture, because although its look is 10, it not just me music.