How to Avoid Making Noise, Walking with The Flip-Flops?

The title of the film by Almodovar “ high heels ” is the idea that you should keep in mind when it comes to walking with any type of footwear. Nothing has to do with the argument, but it is easy to remember. Good manners suggest that our steps are discrete.

Does not need to be silent, far from it: the music that accompanies a person walking in heels can be suggestive and elegant. But do not remember an elephant or a runaway Colt. Is something getting practice in flat, rising terrain or going down stairs. But I can’t flip-flop.

The questions of the holder of the post are a real question: how you do it for? not look like a rhinoceros going down stairs as I am with this summer shoe so comfortable? Walking and stair-climbing is more or less controlled. But go down, it’s a scandal! How do it you? Because I get it the first four steps, the other is mission impossible.