Individualists Love Ethnic Clothes

Ethnic clothing is back in fashion! In the summer, but also in the winter, you can see more and more breezy plush pants, long skirts with artful patterns or loose tops, which reminds a little of the world of the hippie style.

Very important here is the comfort. The garments are airy and loose, made of high quality, natural materials, so they are particularly comfortable on your skin. Discover the wide selection at our Deerberg online shop.

Styles Of Distant Countries Bring Reiselust

Ethnic clothing originates from African as well as Asian cultures and thus brings the Reiselust into our wardrobe. We feel as if we were in distant countries, with exciting safaris and in the endless expanse of the savannah. But not only in hot countries, the clothing of ethnic clothing offers many advantages. Also here on warm days the thin and air-permeable tops are suitable, as well as loose plush pants or long skirts. They protect us from direct sunlight and give enough space to absorb moisture and maintain the body at a pleasant temperature. In winter, ethno-style clothing offers warmth through knitted clothing and thick wool. Be prepared with the products from our shop for all seasons.

How Do Typical Clothes Look Like This Style?

Ethno-style fashion, or as a hippie style, is often available in unusual and striking patterns. Of course, you will also discover simpler versions in more muted colors in our shop. However, it is often said that the more colorful the better, and you will see: the colorful, cheerful colors guarantee you good mood even on dull days. Discover your own style of clothing in the midst of the colorful and detailed ornaments and motifs that reflect on the clothes or choose simple and airy t-shirts and shirts that you can combine great to shorts but also to jeans. Even for special occasions, clothing pieces can be found here in the shop.

Very modern are the stylish plush pants, or harem or alladin pants called. These are combined in the summer to simple simple T-shirts or tops combined. Take a look at our range of skirts as well as Indian dresses -you will surely find the perfect outfit for the next celebration or your individual style.

Sustainable Manufacturing And Best Processing

In our ethnic fashion as well, sustainable production is very important to us. Therefore we pay attention to the sustainable production of our garments as well as to a high-quality workmanship. This means that all our garments available in the shop have a long life and easy care. Let yourself be inspired by Phonecations ethno clothes and go on a journey to remote continents like Africa and Asia.