Italy Travels with Sicily and Sardinia

“Do you know the country where the lemons bloom”

… says Goethe in his declaration of love for Italy – Europe’s oldest tourist country. HC Andersen was also very fascinated by Italy, which is naturally and culturally one of the world’s best travel countries.

Tourist Travel’s Italy Travel is for you who want to experience the Italian culture outside of large holiday complexes and charter areas. Our Italy travel focuses primarily on small, cozy, family-run agriturismi and country hotels, carefully selected after many years of research and travel. In several of these places, we are actively working on sustainable initiatives. We also know the owners and know that you will not find anything like the original Italy anywhere else.

There is a basis for having a wonderful summer holiday with an Italy trip. We look forward to arranging your holiday in Italy – and remember that we have an optional departure date and duration – good travel desire.

Italy is one of Europe’s oldest and most popular tourist countries – and with good reason. There is not much that can keep up with the Italian culture, which is clearly reflected in the country’s people, nature and food culture. On trips to Italy you can experience the original Italian culture, which offers both known and unknown gems.

With a trip to Italy in the company of Tourist Travel, you can experience the country outside the large holiday hotels and get really close to the Italian way of life. Stay in family-run hotels, taste the country’s many delicacies, drive around among olive groves and go on a trekking trip around Mont Blanc. With Tourist Travel you can choose from many types of travel to Italy – from train travel in the beautiful Italian landscape to art and painting courses .

Weather and climate in Italy

Leaving aside the Alps in the north, most of Italy is characterized by either a mild or subtropical climate. The further south you travel, the warmer and more subtropical the climate becomes. Italy offers an average of 5-10 degrees in the winter months and 20-25 degrees in the summer. There is therefore a good opportunity for sunny trips to Italy.

There may be large regional weather differences on trips to Italy, which are greatest in winter. In winter, the northern part of the country can be near zero, while the southern part can be up and hitting the 20 degrees. This is also reflected in the snow-capped Alpine peaks to the north, where the climate is alpine. When traveling to Italy, there is therefore a good opportunity to choose a travel destination that suits your preferred climate.

Types of travel in Italy

Cultural trip to Italy

It is difficult to travel to Italy without getting around the Italian culture, and with Tourist Travel you can experience it outside the big holiday hotels. For example, come to Piedmont in northern Italy and enjoy the small villages where you live on local wineries and can taste some of the world’s best wines.

Trekking in Italy

There is almost no better way to experience Italian nature than with a trekking trip. Take, for example, a trekking trip around Western Europe’s highest mountain, Mont Blanc, which measures a full 4,810 meters. On the trip you pass idyllic pastures, waterfalls and mountain lakes.

Painting trip to Italy

Do you want a different trip to Italy, or do you really need artistic inspiration? Tourist Travel has several artistic trips to Italy – for example, came on a painting course on the “secret” island of Ischia off the coast of Naples, which offers beautiful sandy beaches, natural springs and mineral baths.

Train travel to Italy

A completely different way to travel to Italy is by rolling through Europe until we hit the Italian border. Start your train journey in Copenhagen, and make stops along the way in both Germany and Switzerland. Then the trip goes to Italy, where you get the opportunity to spend several days exploring the beautiful Lake Como and Venice.

Questions and answers

When is the best time to visit Italy?

We recommend visiting Italy outside the high seasons so you get around the many tourists and have the local experiences to yourself. Also avoid mid-August, when the Italians themselves are on summer vacation.

Is Naples a safe city to go to?

Naples is a safe city to travel to. The southern Italian city has a past with a lot of crime, but especially in recent years a lot has happened, and today millions of tourists visit Naples every year to enjoy the architecture, street life and food culture.

Which one of the Cinque Terres cities should I visit?

The Cinque Terres consists of five small charming towns, located an hour’s drive from Genoa. All the cities are close to each other and you can therefore easily visit them all on a hike. If you want to stay overnight in one of them, then there are most accommodation options in Monterosso and Riomaggiore.

How often does Etna erupt?

The Sicilian volcano Etna is characterized as a very active volcano, but the eruptions are rarely dangerous as long as one obeys the recommendations of the local authorities. Etna erupts on average every few years.

Should I visit Sicily or Sardinia?

Both Italian island paradises are worth a visit. Like many other places in Italy, there can be a lot of tourism, so we recommend that you bypass the major holiday hotels and cities, and instead go for a local experience.

Italy Travels with Sicily and Sardinia