Magnanni Shows the Style of Footwear, Male Spanish

We always hear many positive things about the wonderful shoes Italian, English and German, but little has been said in Brazil on the production of footwear in Spain, and it was with great satisfaction that I discovered that the land of my paternal grandparents have the Magnanni producing beautiful shoes with style and amazing quality.

Magnanni Shows the Style of Footwear, Male Spanish

The Magnanni started its activities in 1954, in a factory located in the floor of a house Almanza, Spain. Today, obviously, with expansive facilities, the company continues to be in the same city, less than 1.5 km from the castle of Almansa, a fortress of the XIV.

The shoes from Magnanni are able to keep the classic style that the brand shoes european, but with some modern touches and funky, making them perfect for those looking for something stylish, but that brings information of current fashion.

The models are well diversified, ranging from the traditional Oxford up models of running shoes made with leather and impressive finish. Complete the collection heavy boots, some jumpers, loafers and chelsea boots, some of these items feature cutouts and finishes really unusual, resulting in a different design and modern, that mix various textures and colors of leather to compose the piece.

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The virtual store of the brand makes deliveries to Brazil, but the values are not very encouraging if we take into consideration the current exchange, unfortunately.

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