Morocco Interesting Facts

Traveling around the city costs from 7 to 20 DH. In winter and summer at night the price doubles. Taxi drivers are usually tipped (about 2 DH). At the beginning of the trip, make sure that the driver turns on the meter. Otherwise, he should be reminded of this. On the other hand, after taking you to the place, you can refuse to pay for taxi services and, in case of a dispute with the driver, contact the police. In addition, you need to make sure that the taxi driver has reset the meter after previous trips.
In case of a conflict with a taxi driver, immediately contact the police. In Morocco, the police are always on the passenger side. There are not enough traffic lights on the streets of the kingdom. However, you can cross the street calmly. In this case, the drivers will either let you pass or go around.

According to Plus-Size-Tips, Morocco is a Muslim country. Customs, traditions and rules here are very different from those to which we are accustomed. You should not be surprised if a stranger begins to ask you about the woman accompanying you, about the health of your family, or ask other questions that are tactless from the point of view of a European.

Women in Morocco should not smile at strangers or even just look at them – this may well be regarded as flirting.

Once in Morocco, you will immediately notice that Moroccans are never in a hurry to go anywhere. Here you can sit for hours in a cafe, sipping mint tea or fragrant coffee, beloved by the locals. A cafe in Morocco is a meeting place with friends and buddies. Alcohol is sold freely here. The unhurried and measured rhythm of local life is already felt at the airport. Don’t be surprised if your demand to do something quickly is met with sincere bewilderment from the staff, and your irritation about this is condemned. This is not accepted here, so relax and let events follow their usual rhythm.

Moroccans agree that the best dishes of local cuisine are prepared by local hostesses. Thus, home-cooked food is preferred.

The health of tourists in Morocco is practically not threatened. Visitors almost do not risk getting sick with any dangerous diseases. However, there are some basic precautions to keep in mind. This is especially true for those who rest in the south of the kingdom. It is best to drink mineral water, which is sold in factory packaging. Drinking from fountains, drying rivers and from the tap is not safe.

The Moroccan sun is too hot, although fog and cool breeze can be observed in some parts of the country. In order not to get sunstroke, tourists should wear hats. To take care of the skin – you need to use various creams that protect from the sun. From the very beginning of your stay in Morocco, it is better to wear closed clothes. Over time, the skin will get used to it and clothes can be changed to a lighter version. The most suitable time for sunbathing are the months from May to October (from 7.00 to 10.00 and from 17.00 to 19.00).

There are toilets in every cafe and restaurant, as well as in many other establishments. Just ask and they will show you where the nearest toilet is. Before and after you in the toilet will definitely put things in order. A special toilet will open for women. If you need to use the toilet, then there is no need to make any order in the cafe. Just leave the owner of the establishment 2 dirhams.

Roaming services in the kingdom are provided by Bee Line, MTS and Megafon. At the moment, there are many Internet cafes in the kingdom. Their list of services includes not only Internet access. Here you can burn photos from your digital camera to a disc. Large hotels also provide their customers with Internet access services. In large settlements, Wi-Fi access points began to be installed.

Woodcarving, leather and silverware, ceramics, carpets – Moroccan craftsmen are famous for all this diversity. When buying products, it is recommended to bargain.

Here it is customary to give a small tip, but often. In restaurants and hotels, even if tips are included in the bill, it is customary to pay extra 10% of the bill. Tipping should be given to the person who served you personally.

Morocco Interesting Facts