Papua New Guinea Resorts and Attractions

Papua New Guinea is an island state in Oceania. It occupies the eastern part of the island of New Guinea, the Bismarck archipelago, the northern part of the Solomon Islands.

The capital is Port Moresby. Currency – Kina. The official languages ​​are English, Tok Pisin, Hiri Motu. Religion – Christianity.

The climate is tropical. The temperature is around +26*С all year round.

The island, with its area of ​​786,000 square kilometers, is the second largest island in the world. Its contour resembles a dinosaur, and it would not be surprising if dinosaurs really would be found here. The island is horizontally divided by an ice ridge with equatorial glaciers. And vertically in the middle there is an almost perfectly straight line dividing the two countries. It will be somewhat closer and cheaper to visit the western part of the island, which was once a Dutch colony.

Resorts and attractions of Papua New Guinea

According to Picktrue, Papua New Guinea is a land of great diversity. This is a unique country in its own way. There are few places on earth with the same diversity of cultures, traditions and languages ​​of the local people, as well as landscapes, plants and animals. The fact that the jungles of Papua New Guinea are inhabited by tribes resembling the tribes of primitive people in their everyday characteristics makes this region especially attractive for a tourist traveler.

Papua New Guinea is not just an island inhabited by wild Papuans, it is also a place where tourists from all over the world come to see these wild Papuans, and of course the island itself.

It happened in 1526. While making a many-month journey across the Pacific Ocean, the Portuguese Georges Menezisch became interested in the nameless island, which they skirted. He asked a Malay merchant who was standing nearby what kind of island it was and what kind of people lived there. What people? Yes, savages! Black and curly, which in Malay is pronounced “papuwa”. So the Papuans became Papuans. And now this is the land of friendly and good-natured Papuans.

Interesting Facts

New Guinea was discovered in 1526 by the Portuguese navigator Jorge de Menezes. And the name was given to her by the Spaniards, who thought that the population of the island is similar to the population of African Guinea.

More than 20 thousand species of plants grow on the island.

A group of tourists was attacked in the jungle of Papua New Guinea.
One Australian hiker was speared in the leg and one hand stabbed in an attack by bandits on a tour group in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, during which two local porters were also hacked to death with a machete. The attack took place on the afternoon of September 10, 2013, in the deserted mountainous region of Morobe province, about 220 kilometers northwest of the capital, Port Moresby. The group consisted of eight Australian citizens, one New Zealander and six local porters. Three porters were injured in the arms and eyes, one was wounded in both legs. According to a local police representative, all tourists had their passports stolen, one was hit with a spear in the left leg, another was wounded in the head, received cut wounds on his hand and cuts on his back. The police are investigating the circumstances of this crime. The attack took place on the popular and very difficult Black Cat Hiking Trail, which runs through the jungle where Australian and American troops fought fierce battles against the Japanese during World War II.

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