Platforms in Grey, The Must-Haves of The Season Spring-Summer 2010

The platforms they are one of the types of footwear that return and return. They mark the leg, estilisan figure and give you a few centimeters extras that make you look any set in a way more sexy and sophisticated at the same time. As you will see, me declaro fan complete and absolute of this type of footwear that I use mostly for work and party nights.

But for the Spring-summer 2010, the colors are changed. It is not only necessary for having platforms in black or camel. Intense colors not abound, but are not as much. As they will be seen, the colors of the season are in sand, ochre, purple and of course, grey.

Therefore, gray platforms are the footwear must necessarily have to succeed with any outfit. Mixed with sand, Brown, camel or even with touches of color in pink, mauve, strawberry and white and even more intense as the coral or turquoise tones.

The firms have presented a number of proposals. The of Fendi It is one of my favorites with strips that are moored to the ankle. These are that are difficult to wear because they can do see somewhat wide legs.

Versace It sets the goal in Gladiator with a very high and incredible proposal platforms. Marni, Thakoon They also joined the trend. And even with SOCKS look good, but is that not all are in favor of this look.

Look for yours, that will surely succeed with them.