Pretty Ballerinas for Water and Snow

Every day, the firm Pretty Ballerinas It surprises us with a new model, more and more modern and innovative. The latter? a proposal very warm, especially for more cold and snow days.

Under the name of Snow Collection, we can enjoy a wide variety of dancers carved in Python resistant to water, and in addition, lined with a warm layer of hair of sheep. Exist in two versions: long hair with a special waxed skin and short hair, which are more like that.

They are in different colors: dark blue, Blue Ash, red, grey or Brown, so choose the one that best match your look.

And other models much more novel, are the Pre-sky Boots, boots that are designed on a base dancer and also with two versions, long white hair and short hair, most striking and daring with print Zebra or Leopard.

A perfect gift for Christmas, that you can combine with jeans, dress or short. And the boots I like to show off the always with jenas, and whether they are skinny, better.